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2012-2013 Request for Proposals (LSU)

Project Lisiting


Research at the Center primarily consists of the following:

1) The development of modeling analysis techniques
2) Innovative design and control strategies
3) Travel demand estimation and planning methods to improve travel under periods of immediate and overwhelming demand
4) Key components of transportation resiliency
5) Analysis of congestion in relation to resiliency
6) Impact of climate change and peak oil
7) Provision of transportation options, and transportation finance

The scope of the work anticipated to be conducted will seek to stretch over several different modes including transit, multimodal connectivity and maritime, non-motorized, pedestrian, and obviously automobile-based.

The following 3 key areas are requested in the current request for proposals:

1. Evacuation modeling and simulation. Candidate projects may also seek to extend current Center work involving the integration of emerging evacuation travel demand models; the analysis of multimodal evacuation systems and assisted evacuation plans; as well as the visualization of evacuation traffic simulations.

2. Strategies to improve resiliency of transportation infrastructure to climate change. Candidate projects may include the study of operational traffic systems as well as physical infrastructure systems such as the performance and deterioration of pavements, transportation structures, etc.

3. Studies using the newly acquired LSU Driving simulator to study driver behavior and traffic control/safety concerns. Candidate projects may include the study of driver behavior and characteristics such as distracted, fatigued or impaired conditions as well as the study of driver interpretation of control strategies, geometric designs, construction work activities/configurations and safety countermeasures, etc.