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Research Reports

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13-03 A Dynamic Feedback-Control Toll Pricing Methodology for Managed Lanes Ishak, Sherif; Cheng, Danhong
13-02 Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Composite Materials for Infrastructure Projects Okeil, Ayman
12-06 Transit-Oriented Development: An Examination of America's Transit Precincts in 2000 & 2010 Renne, John; Ewing, Reid
12-05 Worker Experiences of Accessibility in Post-Katrina New Orleans Lowe, Kate; Marmol, Mariana
12-04 Evaluating the Feasibility for Bicycle Sharing in New Orleans Wine, Jamie
12-02 Minimizing Driver Errors: Examining Factors Leading to Failed Target Tracking and Detection Beck, Melissa; Ericson, Justin
12-01 Improving the Self-Healing Properties of Concrete Materials by using Composite Actions with Fiber Reinforced Polymers Barbato, Michele; Hassan, Marwa
11-11 Walking in the City Ehrenfeucht, Renia; McPherson, Justice
11-10 Field and Laboratory Investigation of Photocatalytic Pavements Hassan, Marwa; Okeil, Ayman
11-09 Assessing the Long-term Impact of Subsidence and Global Climate Change on Emergency Evacuation Routes in Coastal Louisiana Kent, Joshua
11-08 Active Transportation Measurement: Minneapolis Case Study Fields, Billy; Cradock, Angie; Barrett, Jessica; Melley, Steve
11-07 Incorporating Lower Mississippi River Port Assets into Emergency Preparedness and Response Initiatives Amdal, James; Jayawardana, Jay;  Swigart, Stanley
11-06 New Orleans Metropolitan Inland Waterway Container Transport (IWCT) Feasibility Swigart, Stan; Amdal, James; Tolford, Tara
11-05 Active Transportation Measurement and Benchmarking Development: New Orleans State of Active Transportation : Part 1
Active Transportation Measurement and Benchmarking Development: New Orleans Pedestrian and Bicycle Count : Part 2
Fields, Billy
11-04 Examination of Regional Transit Service Under Contracting: A Case Study in the Greater New Orleans Region Iseki, Hiroyuki
11-03 Resilient Transportation: An Integrated Corridor Management Approach Ishak, Sherif
11-02 The Role of Passenger Rail Transportation in Post-Katrina New Orleans Louisiana Amdal, James
11-01 An Integrated Approach to Modeling Evacuation Behavior: Hyperbolic Discounting and Peer Effects Sarangi, Sudipta; Krief Jerome
10-02 Five Years Later: Emergency Preparedness Improvements in New Orleans, LA since Hurricane Katrina Fogarty, Robert X.
10-01 Resilient Transportation Systems in a Post-Disaster Environment Amdal, James R.; Swigart, Stan L.

External Reports, Articles and Presentations

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LA DOTD Report N/A Design of Lane Merges at Rural Freeway Construction Work Zones Wolshon, Brian; Ishak, Sherif; Idewu, Wakeel
NCHRP Synthesis 392 Transportation's Role in Emergency Evacuation and Reentry Wolshon, Brian
Presentation N/A Assessing the Long-Term Impact of Subsidence and Climate Change on Emergency Evacuation Routes in Coastal Louisiana Kent, Josh
Presentation N/A Southern Louisiana Diaspora: Population Evacuation Patterns Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Kent, Josh; Underwood, Neal
Presentation N/A The Impact of Sign Placement and Merge Type on Driving Behavior in Construction Zones Ikuma, Laura; Aghazadeh, Fereydoun; Shakouri, Mahmoud; Punniaraj, Karthy

Research in Progress



The Tensions and Opportunities of Historic Preservation and Transit Oriented Development: Developing a Policy and Tools for Preservation in TODs Guidebook Renne, John
Beyond Traditional Grant and Debt Financing for Transit Expansion Projects: Evaluating Innovative Financing Options for Streetcar Expansion in New Orleans Heiligman, Rachel
Evaluation of Complete Streets Policy Implementation by Metropolitan Planning Organizations Tolford, Tara
Transportation and Access to Opportunity: Metropolitan Size, User Experience, and Employment Quality Lowe, Kate
Assessing the Potential for Gulf Coast NAFTA Maritime Trade Corridors Stich, Bethany
Analysis of Evacuation Clearance Time Under Megaregion Disaster Threats Wolshon, Brian
Manual Traffic Control for Planned Special Events and Emergencies Wolshon, Brian
Use of Infrared Thermography to Control the Quality of Joints Construction and to Detect Reflective Cracking in Asphalt Pavements Elseifi, Mostafa
Assessment of Vehicle Performance in Harsh Environments Using Driving Simulator and Numerical Simulations Cai, Steve and Ishak, Sherif
Classifying Accident Avoidance Maneuvers on Heterogeneous Road Networks using Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis Kent, Josh
Use of Containers to Carry Bulk and Breakbulk Commodities and its Impact on Gulf Region Ports and International Trade Amdal, James
Cooperation and Competition Regional Transportation Planning and Competitive Federal Awards Lowe, Kate
States' Tools for Connecting Transportation and Affordable Housing Lowe, Kate
The Confluence on Transportation and Economic Activity in a Mega Disaster Region Stich, Bethany
Accessing the Megaregion - Evaluating the Role of Livable Community Patterns in Gulf Coast Megaregion Planning Fields, Billy
Calibration of the Louisiana Highway Safety Manual Wolshon, Brian
Gulf Coast MegaRegion Evacuation Traffic Simulation Modeling and Analysis Wolshon, Brian
Effect of Changing Driving Conditions on Driver Behavior towards Design of a Safe and Efficient Traffic System Aghazadeh, Fereydoun and Ikuma, Laura
Application of TRANSIMS for the Multimodal Microscale Simulation of the New Orleans Emergency Evacuation Plan Wolshon, Brian, et al
Distracted Driving and Associated Crash Risks Ishak, Sherif


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